Charging Bear

Rebuilding Native America

Charging Bear brings this vision to life: financial security for Native Americans, food support for children and their families, state of the art affordable housing, jobs in natural building, and modern sports engagement.

Photo ©Rick Sheremeta

Welcome To Charging Bear


Native American children often experience food insecurity on weekends and holidays when school meal programs are not available. This can have a significant impact on their physical health, academic performance, and overall well-being.

Housing and jobs

We are excited to launch our latest project to serve the critical need for improved housing, career training, and jobs for underserved Native American populations. Our goal is to build a series of tiny homes 


Many Native American communities have a rich cultural heritage that is deeply rooted in their language, ceremonies, and dances. However, with the pressures of modern society, many of these traditions are at risk of being lost.


For too long, members of Native American communities have faced limited access to essential dental care, which has led to widespread dental problems and overall poor health outcomes.

This project never goes away: the need to rebuild what was destroyed, regrow what was uprooted, and to heal what has been broken. All of these possibilities still exist – we just need to start on the path, and each step will guide us home.

Consider what we can do together

As we reflect on the centuries of imbalances and injustices inflicted upon Indigenous peoples on the North American continent, it is imperative to acknowledge and rectify these historic wrongs. It is our moral obligation to work towards repairing the deep-rooted wounds and systemic disparities faced by Indigenous communities. This includes honoring Indigenous sovereignty, respecting their traditional lands and cultures, and engaging in meaningful consultation and collaboration. Through comprehensive efforts that prioritize truth, reconciliation, and empowerment, we can strive for a more just and equitable future where Indigenous peoples are valued, respected, and empowered to thrive as the rightful stewards of their lands and heritage.

Doing good where the need is great

In a reimagined America, a rewritten outcome of Native American history is respected and celebrated by all. Acknowledging past injustices, Indigenous cultures are honored, traditions preserved, and land rights respected. The contributions and resilience of Native Americans are recognized, fostering mutual understanding, healing, and unity among all Americans.