The Art for Nourishment Project

Photo ©Rick Sheremeta

A Unique Initiative

The “Art for Nourishment” program is a unique and heartwarming initiative dedicated to uplifting Native American communities, particularly focusing on the younger generation. This innovative project harnesses the power of art and community support to tackle a critical issue: food insecurity among Native American children.

A Symbiotic Model

At its core, “Art for Nourishment” operates on a beautifully symbiotic model. The program begins by engaging with Native American children, encouraging them to express their creativity and cultural heritage through art. These young artists, ranging from elementary to high school age, are provided with art supplies and mentorship, fostering an environment where their talents can flourish and their cultural stories can be visually told.

Once their artworks are completed, these pieces are acquired by the program, ensuring that each child artist receives fair compensation for their work. This not only nurtures a sense of achievement and pride among the young creators but also instills an early understanding of the value of their art and cultural expressions.

The acquired artwork is then sold through various channels, including online platforms, art exhibitions, and community events. The beauty and authenticity of these artworks attract art lovers and collectors who are keen to support the cause while acquiring a piece of genuine cultural expression.

Backpack Food Program

The proceeds from these sales are directly funneled into the Backpack Food program. This vital initiative addresses the pressing issue of food insecurity among Native American children. The funds provide nutritious, easily-prepared meals for children to take home, ensuring they have access to food during weekends and school vacations, times when they might otherwise go hungry.

More Than a Program

“Art for Nourishment” is more than just a program; it’s a movement that celebrates cultural heritage, nurtures young talent, and addresses a critical humanitarian need. It embodies a cycle of empowerment, where art becomes a tool not just for expression, but for feeding the future of a community, ensuring that every brush stroke contributes to a child’s well-being.