Crowdfunding Campaign

Photo ©Rick Sheremeta

Create Your Donation Page:

Begin by visiting the Charging Bear Crowdfunding Page on and setting up your donation page. This is a straightforward process where you’ll be asked to provide details about your donation – you can choose to support the “Art for Nourishment” campaign. Make sure to fill in the amount and any message you’d like to share about why this cause matters to you. The button to do that looks like this:

Personalize Your Contribution:

Once you’ve chosen your donation amount, you have the option to leave a personal note or dedication. This adds a personal touch and can inspire others in your network to contribute.

Sharing via Social Media:

After completing your donation, you’ll be prompted to share your contribution on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is a key step in promoting the campaign. Use the provided share buttons for seamless posting.

Using the Share Link:

Givebutter also provides a direct link to the campaign that you can copy. This link can be shared anywhere – in personal messages, emails, or even on your social media bio. This is a really easy way to crowdfund. The button to do that looks like this (or you can just send this link

Crafting a Message for Email and Social Media:

When sharing through email or social media, craft a message that explains why you chose to support the “Art for Nourishment” campaign. Your personal endorsement can be very persuasive.

Engage with Your Network:

Engage in conversations with your friends and contacts about the campaign. Answer any questions they might have and encourage them to support the cause.

Follow-up and Thank You Messages:

After your contacts have donated, don’t forget to thank them. A simple thank you message can strengthen your relationship and appreciation for their support.

Regular Updates:

Keep your network informed about the campaign’s progress. Sharing updates and milestones can maintain interest and momentum.

Encourage Recurring Support:

Remind your network that they can make a recurring contribution to the campaign, ensuring ongoing support for the cause.

If too busy, just gift the campaign

If you are too busy and don’t have time or want to do crowdfunding, you can still make a major impact simply by gifting the project. The button for that looks like this (and it’s a working button to access the gifting page: