The Charging Bear Community Fund

Photo ©Rick Sheremeta

Mission Statement

Preserving and revitalizing Native American culture by strengthening the health of the community through deeply transformational and beneficial programs.

A Family Initiative

The Charging Bear Community Fund, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, is an initiative of the descendants of Chief Charging Bear, aimed at rebuilding and rejuvenating Native America. As the rightful heirs to Chief Charging Bear’s legacy, the website serves as a platform for the descendants to honor their ancestor’s vision and carry forward his mission of revitalizing Native American communities.

The fund stands as a beacon of hope, promoting cultural preservation, economic empowerment, and social justice for Native American tribes across the United States. Through various programs, resources, and partnerships, the website fosters education, entrepreneurship, and community development, all guided by the wisdom and teachings of Chief Charging Bear.

This initiative is not just about preserving the past, but also about building a brighter future for Native Americans. It promotes sustainable practices, advocates for indigenous rights, and empowers Native American youth to become leaders in their communities. By amplifying the voices of the descendants of Chief Charging Bear, the website seeks to address the challenges and disparities faced by Native Americans, while promoting cultural pride and resilience.

The fund serves as a testament to the enduring spirit and determination of the descendants of Chief Charging Bear, as they work towards healing, restoration, and empowerment for Native American communities. It is a vital step towards building a better and more inclusive future for Native Americans, and a powerful tribute to the visionary legacy of Chief Charging Bear.

This initiative is supported and guided by legal counsel in the form of Lynn, Jackson, Schultz and Lebrun, of Rapid City, South Dakota.